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revive.  renew.  restore.





Revive Nations is a ministry
with a mission to raise
an army of Jesus lovers
across the world.

Who we are


What we do

The Battle Cries

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The family

The Revive Network
Partner with us
All you need is love for the Lord and a heart for the Nations.
Yes, you can be a part of the revival of the Nations. Revival starts with you – in you and through you.
Would you pray for us everyday. Pray for souls to be won, people to see Jesus & grace to go where He sends.
Join us on the journey. Be a part of the conferences and help us spread the word to your leaders and friends.
Invest into the revival of the Nations together. Partner financially with a onetime or recurring gift.
Empowering You to walk with Jesus
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Guarding the Heart

With over 300,0000 views! GTH blog has blessed thousands of readers. Pastor Shyju Mathew shares challenging blog posts to equip and empower believers to walk with Jesus.

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GTH: Chinese | Tamil | French | Spanish | Italian

Revive Leaders

Empower leaders to stay under the shadow of the Almighty. Exclusive content for Leaders. 

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Notes of Life

A heart to heart conversation with Pastor Tiny Mathew.

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Read about Tiny here.

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Jesus Kids

Empowering you to raise a Godly generation! If you have or plan to have children, this is a blog you don’t want to miss subscribing to.

Latest post: Leaving a blueprint of honour for our children

Connect Online

“Be inspired and ignited to walk with Jesus in your daily walk.”


  • Unless you get fed up of what the enemy is doing in your life, you cannot access the power of God that can change y… https://t.co/XnXVuocYdL
  • God never leaves us, yet the fruits of His presence begins to decrease as we live a life apart from him. - Ps. @ShyjuMathew
  • Revive Malaysia - Day 2 going on. Pray with us. https://t.co/pHeRsWVrQO