Revive Family

“R E I N F O R C E “

Let’s Do This Together

From more than a decade, Pastor Shyju has been investing into many Pastors and leaders and their ministries around the globe with the sole goal of seeing people walk into their full potential in God.

Revive Network joins these leaders and ministries under the umbrella of Revive Nations Family with the vision of systematically empowering this generation.

Revive Churches

By divine mandate, the Lord led Revive Nations to support young Pastors who have responded to the end commission of Christ Jesus by making disciples of men. Their churches have been under the spiritual leadership and guidance of Revive Nations. Lord has blessed us with over 12 churches so far.

It has been our passion to support them both financially and spiritually, as they step out into uncharted territories with just one selfless desire of strengthening the bride to grow into the fullness of Christ. Would you take a minute everyday to keep their work and ministries in your prayer as we ask the Lord of the harvest to bless them with many souls.

Over many years, Revive Nations has had the amazing privilege of ministering all over the world to some wonderful people. Some of those relationships grew a deep friendship. There common vision and shared love for a revival have been uniting factors to work together under a common association.

The spirit behind the RN Network is to empower them while they maintain their own name, autonomy and identity. They have also been of incredible monthly support helping us reach many more nations for Jesus.

RN Network


Most of the leaders that Pastor Shyju has been mentoring have a ministry of their own that God has entrusted them with. All of them are accountable to the leadership of Revive Nations and the counsel of Pastor Shyju.

Each of these leaders carry a similar heartbeat as that of Revive Nations. God has been using them to win souls into the kingdom, disciple people from different nations, bring a prophetic word for our generation and take the healing touch of Jesus to multitudes. We request your prayers and support towards them.

Learn more about these leaders here.

Join us on this journey!

Destinies are divinely connected by God and for His own glory. May the revival stream of God flow through your life too.